• The Largest Company To Produce Cartons Throughout Iraq

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Is the largest industrial company in Iraq

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uses high technology to produce Cartons

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Fabyab is the largest company to produce Cartons throughout Iraq


The best and high-quality designs have a direct impact on customers. Therefore, the design department at Fabyab Company designs new products by using new technologies, in addition to designing the required product. Fabyab takes into consideration demands of its customers.


Fabyab Company is the first company in Iraq to provide the service of arranging and installing medicines and foods carton, Fabyab company provides the service of arranging and installation products for its customers by using the world technology

Services and information

Fabyab company provides information service to its customers continuously, because collecting and studying information is the best way to choose the best, that is why Fabyab offers these services.

Delivery service

Because of the privacy of Carton, one of the problems experienced by customers is the transfer of products. Fabyab solved this problem by transporting product through a group of workers, to facilitate the transfer of products to their customers.


Why Choose Us


Because of its excellent production, Fabyab is the most important choice for many companies and factories. Fabyab has received satisfaction from its customers because of its hard work and strategic plans in this field.

Speed at work

Global markets working hard to provide the best services to their customers, on this principle, Fabyab works continuously to produce more as soon as possible and we are sure that our customers have the desire to provide them our products as soon as possible, so we respect the demand of our customers and provide them our product at specific time

Different prices

The prices of Fabyab products vary according to the quality of the products. Fabyab facilitates the sale of its products to develop the industrial sector in the Kurdistan Region.

Who We Are

About Us (Fabyab is the largest industrial company for the production of Cartons in Iraq and Kurdistan region)

Fabyab is the sixth private company to produce Cartons in the Middle East

Fabyab Company provides the Carton printing service for food, medicine and Label by using high technology  24 hours a day

In addition to the service of the cartoon industry, Fabbiab is the only certified company in all parts of Iraq to print government documents at a high level of work.

How does Fabyab work?

One of Fabyab’s main works is its designs, Fabyab is the biggest company in Iraq to provide a massive types of designs with creativity.

Fabyab works to develop the private sector and develop the economy of the country

Our Clients